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For your safety, all packages are sent via registered mail only and require your signature. There are no other handling fees, drug dispensing fees, or Mexican customs charges. Our maximum order quantities limited by customs is a 90 day supply.

We have Registered Air Mail for $9.00 for U.S. destinations and $15.00 for the rest of the World also Express Shipping for $24.95 for US destinations only and $39.95 for International express shipping.

Allow 7 to 30 Business Days for Express Shipping. Because all orders are shipped via registered mail from Mexico, we are not able to expedite your order thru UPS or FED EX. We cannot do overnight shipping.

Due to our policy of same day order processing, ORDERS CANNOT BE CANCELLED.
Limits to Mexmeds4you Liability 
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Neither the products nor any information appearing on this Web site is intended to assist or encourage site visitors to diagnose their own medical conditions or the medical conditions of others. Nor are the information or products offered as a means to assist site visitors in developing a course of treatment for any health-related issue. Only a licensed physician can make such determinations.

Mexmeds4you.com.mx does not provide medical advice or endorse the product claims made by any of the manufacturers whose medications appear on this Web site.

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By purchasing any of the products offered on this site, customers agree that they have both knowledge of the products they purchase and a safe history of usage for each product. 

The owners of this Web site reserve the right to change at any time the product list, the price list, the conditions of the use of this Web site, and any and all elements of the site.

By using this site, visitors agree to all of the terms stated on this policy page and on any other page of the site. If any legal action is brought against Mexmeds4you.com.mx.com, the person or entity bringing the action agrees that the suit will be litigated in Mexico, as Mexmeds4you is a Mexican company.

About Items That Aren't on Our Product List

If you wish to order a medicine that is not on our product list, use the medicine request email link on our Contact Us page to ask if the medicine is available in Mexico.

About Mexmeds4you.com.mx

Mexmeds4you is a Mexican company and operates within Mexico and abides by the regulations and laws within Mexico. 

Mexmeds4you.com.mx does not provide medical advice. Customers should only purchase products with which they have a safe history.