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Fosfocil Fosfomycin Granulated 3gr 1 sachet
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Fosfocil Pediatric Fosfomycin Granulated 2gr 1 sachet
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Pisacaina Lidocaine Spray 10 gr 115 ml

Welcome to Your Mexican Pharmacy Online

We, at mexmeds4you, are confident to accomplish requirements of people who are looking for online Mexican pharmacy at affordable prices. Being an online Mexican drugs supplier, we are quite sure to avail you easy access to online Mexican drugs

With more than 900 Mexican drugs both in generic and branded forms on offer, the mexmeds4you is mature enough to accomplish your requirements concerning Mexican drugs available online.

What type of medicines can I buy from a Mexican pharmacy?

If you need to buy medicines in Mexico, you can easily do it at a Mexican pharmacy online or at a physical pharmacy near you. The most important thing is to choose which format suits you better. For example, the first one is more suitable for those who have time to go to the pharmacy. But the online format is more suitable for people who do not have free time.

Thanks to online mexican pharmacy, you can familiarize yourself with all the products on the site and choose the right one without leaving home. If you have doubts about the choice of medicine or need an analog, you can use the help of a pharmacist mexican online pharmacy. The pharmacist will help you choose the right pharmaceutical product.

What can I buy at a pharmacy in Mexico?

MedsMex4you offers a wide range of different health products, in such section:

  • Anti Anxiety

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Asthma

  • Epilepsy

  • Digestive

  • Herpes

  • Menth Health

  • Muscle Relaxant

  • Other

When should I go to a Mexican drugstore?

Mexican drugstore is oriented to provide a person with the necessary help in the shortest possible time and to find the right effective drug. You can turn to the for medical assistance. Specialists will not only advise you about your condition, but will also be able to write a prescription.

Getting advice and assistance from a doctor at mexico pharmacy drugs can be done in such cases:

  • When hyperthermia is detected.

  • If symptoms of a viral infection are present.

  • If you have minor superficial injuries.

  • If you have signs of mild poisoning.

When you are worried about something and do not know who to turn to, you can first get a consultation with a mexi pharmacy doctor, who will refer you to the right specialist.

What medicines are available in Mexico?

Mexiso online pharmacy offers a large selection of medicines that can be purchased online. However, it is worth remembering that all medicines you buy in Mexico must be declared at the border. If you are found to have a large amount of mexico pharmacy drugs, they may be seized. It is important to know that customs officers can not only take away your medicines, but in case of detection of drugs, they can simply write a fine or even arrest you. It all depends on what type of medication was found and in what quantity, whether there were narcotic drugs.

While in America a certain number of medications are prescription-only, in Mexico they can be purchased online. If the medication is prescribed, it is important that the packaging is original and the information about the pharmacist who sold the medication must be indicated.

Some of the most popular medications that can be bought in farmacia en mexico online include:

  • Medications that are made on the basis of Sildenafil

  • Anabolic medications, the action of which is aimed at increasing muscle mass

  • Hormonal medications: for example, Somatotropin

  • Steroid medications

The most popular mexico online drugs that are sold without a prescription include:

  • Various pain medications, for example Vicodin

  • Acetaminophen

  • Antimicrobials. Penicillin; Doxycycline

  • Sedatives. Valium, Rivotril.

  • For movement disorders. Adderall or Ritalin.

  • Myorelaxants. Soma, Flexeril.

In pharmacies in Mexico you can find a large number of products with discounts. Especially those buyers who buy medicines in bulk can save money. You can place an order on the website, despite the fact that delivery is paid, still the savings will be significant.

It is worth noting that buy mexico medicines, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the price of the medicine may differ from the price list, this is due to the presence of insurance of this or that buyer.

Why is it profitable to buy medicines in Mexico?

Many residents of the United States come to Mexico precisely in order to purchase the necessary medicines. All prices in Mexico are carefully controlled, so it is impossible to increase them. Very often buying medicines in Mexico, you can save up to 70%. This option is great for those who do not have insurance, which can cover all the costs of buying medicines.

It is also worth noting that if you want to return the medicine, you can only do this if you have medicines that are not on a special list of controlled drugs. Pharmacies make special discounts that allow you to buy exactly prescription drugs quite favorably.

Can I self-medicate?

Although many medicines can be bought over-the-counter today, this does not mean that you should self-medicate. Since many medications have adverse reactions and contraindications, so you can simply harm your health. The doctor, in turn, will be able to make an examination, conduct diagnostics and identify the true causes of the disease. Therefore, the prescribed drugs will be aimed at directly fighting the disease. Uncontrolled intake of drugs can aggravate the situation and harm the body.

Are there any rules that should be adhered to in order to get a positive effect?

Take drugs only according to the instructions that are in each drug. Basically you need to adhere to a few rules to get the proper result:

If there are no contrary instructions in the instructions, then you need to take the medication after meals. In this way, the medicine does not corrode the walls of the stomach.

Each medication should be consumed gradually and consistently, so that the drugs do not mix with each other.

Medicines should be washed down with plenty of water. Find a large assortment of the right medications at mexmeds4you.

How can I place an order at a pharmacy in Mexico?

Today, in order to order medicines, you do not need to spend time and go to the pharmacy, just go to the site mexican pharmacies online. This format of shopping is quite simple and does not require wasting time.

In order to choose the desired medication, you need to select the appropriate category in the filter and familiarize yourself with the various product positions. If you do not see the desired means, you can call the pharmacy and the consultant will help you pick up an analog.

The site presents only certified drugs from trusted brands. Near each product position is the price and description of the drug. Delivery of drugs is carried out both in Mexico and in the United States.

Our main advantages:

  • Only medications that are in stock are presented on the website.

  • Quickness. Thanks to the conveniently located medications in the catalog, you can find the right drug within minutes, and you do not have to waste time and stand in line.

  • All medications are certified and original.

  • Optimal prices.

If you need to purchase a prescription drug, in order for the pharmacist to place your order, you need to e-mail the prescription that your doctor wrote you, or attach it to the online form.